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Semi Automatic Rotary Medium Speed Tube Filler

Semi Automatic Rotary Medium Speed Tube Filler
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A unique series of machine exclusively designed for laminated and plastic tubes. Capable of filling, sealing crimping, batch coding ejecting all in one stroke, these are engineered to meet the customers needs and requirements in an efficient manner. These machines have variety of filling nozzles to suit the particular type of product being filled. The machine uses patented hot air sealing system, which is one of the most reliable sealing systems for plastic and laminate tube.

  • Incorporates LEISTER, Switzerland make hot air tool
  • Fully pneumatic and absolutely maintenance free.
  • No need to keep costlier spares as in the case of ultrasonic sealing machines with heaters.
  • Rotary and compact
  • Audiovisual alarm for any abnormal conditions of the machine.
  • No tube - No fill facility.
  • Production counter with memory to indicate the number of filled tubes.
  • All the cylinders and pneumatic components are of festo make.
  • Very low level rejection.
  • Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic models are available with production output of 25 tubes/minute to 120 tubes/minute.
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