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Semi Automatic Powder Fillers

Semi Automatic Powder Fillers
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Machine is designed to fill any type of power with the help of augur and funnel. These machines are compact in size and provide fast output with weighing system. The operation of the machine ensures that there is no wastage of the material filled. These machines are safe to operate and provide accurate filling of the material. Few of the salient features of the machine are as mentioned below.

  • Works on revolution counting principle.
  • Incorporates PLC controller.
  • Solid state control.
  • Can fill from 5 grams to 1000 grams.
  • Accurate weight adjustment.
  • Output upto 2400 fills / hour.
  • Continuous stirring arrangement.
  • Accuracy plus / minus 1% above 50 grams by weight and plus / minus 2% upto 50 grams by weight.
  • Power consumption 1 H.P.

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