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Automatic Hi Speed Linear Tube Filler

Automatic Hi Speed Linear Tube Filler
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These machines are highly efficient sealing machines with the capability of filling and sealing 60 to 120 tubes per minute. These machines are provided with the most reliable blow of devices and tail cutting arrangements to avoid the paste cream touching the sealing portion of the tube. Highly robust in structure, our machines are protected by covers and guards made up of SS sheets and have external control panels with all the protection features. These machines are user friendly and enhances the productivity of customers by quick release of the filling pump, quick adjustment of the pump column and automatic adjustment of the filling volume which further reduces the change over time., Our automatic high-speed machines are available in varied specification according to the end users. The feature of the machines are as follows:

MODEL - TF 101
  • Single head model packs one tube at a time.
  • Speed of the machine is 60 tubes per minute.
  • 50 liters SS hopper of SS grade.
  • Tube cleaning arrangement incorporating vaccume pumps.
  • Tube orientation device incorporating photo sensors and stepper motor and controller.
  • Cassette infeed device incorporating vacume tilter for automatic loading of tubes.
  • Jacketed hopper with heater, thermostat, controller, stirring device incorporating beltless vary speed drives.
  • Stirring device with screw type pusher or blades.
  • Automatic cream level sensing device.
  • Transfer pump.
  • Inert gas injection device before or after filling.
  • Stopping of the machine in predetermined position

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